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From our Board of Trustees

Education is the process of transformation. It begins before the birth of the child in mother's womb and is a lifelong process. To be an educationist is to be a true saint. A teacher requires the qualities as lifelong learner, cool headed, open to criticism and above all at the service of students all the time. The Ancient Education system of India, the ashrams , the Rishies used to use all faculties of mind, body (physical & vital) and all activities were centered around the life. On successful completion of test by the Guru, the learner was awarded the power to use knowledge, not the degree. The Gurus used to perform the roles of friend, philosopher, guide and mentor, even father and mother's role when needed.

Dissolution is increasingly becoming a cause of worry in the world over today. Directly or indirectly,the Modern Education System with innovations in teaching & learning methodology has led to the situation of knowledge and not the application of knowledge. There is an overall erosion of values; old orders are fraying, giving way to more disintegrated and disharmonious life style. At both the global as well as the local level, we are yet to achieve peace, equal opportunity and non-violent reactions among all.

There is no doubt about the fact that we have achieved certain level of prosperity & progress, but in its wake it has also nurtured an indifferent human being, who is so occupied by the material trappings that there is seldom room for another. But, not all is lost, for as the cliché goes, the good exists alongside the evil and it is because of such discerning and sensitive people ,the world continues to go on.

There is thus an urgent need to integrate people, to mobilize a force , to rake up from the old, all that is useful and put it into practice and, "what Better place than a school to do so" Thus,at S.V INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, DEORIA,UTTAR PRADESH, we shall constantly focus on each child with the intention of bringing out the best. We work in the direction of making the students recognize there is wrong or detrimental, learn to make a choice and then eventually effect a change: leading to ripple effect.

The School will remain dedicated and will always strive towards achieving excellence by the modern and ancient approach in imparting knowledge. Freedom is given to both the students and teachers to express their creativity and innovation in the process of teaching and learning.

We wish that the sparkling eyes of students enlighten their mind, body, soul and realize the self and render the selfless services to the society. We feel proud to be associated with the school and hope to bring new vistas of learning on campus.

SHASHWAT EDUCATIONANL SOCIETY is now launching its co-educational, English Medium S. V. INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL proposed under Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi.

Shaswat Educationl Society has now introducing S V International School at our door step for the bright and the great future of our child and our nation with the great education ratio which should be take part in the growth of our nation.

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From Principal's Desk

We have stepped into a world of SVIS where the horizons are unlimited. The changing times have spelt corresponding changes in the upbringing and development of the child.

Children have to be guided and encouraged to do their best by positive reinforcement.

We, at S V International School, believe that discipline is a must, but should be enforced by the hand in a velvet glove.

Our students are motivated and encouraged to develop their overall personality but at the same time, they are taught to remain focused on their goals.

They are made to set high goals and work towards achieving them. They are coached the 4 C`s of life i.e. Confidence, Control, Consistency and Candid behaviour. Though we are confident that your ward is destined to become an upright, honest citizen, yet the necessity of continuous check on the child during formative years cannot be overlooked. Let us together make an endeavour to develop and groom our children into mature individual of whom we can be proud and who will forge ahead with their heads held high.


It has been my constant endeavour to steer my teachers and students in this direction which I find most rewarding. My emphasis is upon this holistic development of a child by fostering a synergic blend between scholastic and co- scholastic achievements and a host of co-curricular and extra curricular activities which find a rightful place in the curriculum.

A great thought by a great personality:

You must be the change you wish to see in the world

(Mahatma Gandhi)

Hoping for your success.

With Best Wishes.

Thank You,

Bhuwan Tiwari


SVIS Deoria - U.P.

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About S V International School

SHASHWAT EDUCATIONANL SOCIETY is now launching its co-educational, English Medium S. V. INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL proposed under Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi.

S V International School is a co-educational school started by a group of educationists.Its campus is spacious which spreads over nearly 2 acres of land with greenery. It is specially designed to create an atmosphere conducive to learning. The building is equipped with all modern facilities to enable students to excel in academics, sports and performing arts and cultural activities.

We provide the environment to enable our students to realize their potential and be able to contribute meaningfully to the society and Nation. We also believe in providing stress free education, children will complete all the home work and projects in school itself, allowing them to be free at home.

Our learning methods are different from the conventional system, extremely child friendly, based on the outcome of experts and educationists. While taking care to make learning joyful and meaningful, emphasis is on.

  • to experience

  • to explore

  • to enjoy

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Our mission is to develop children with active and creative minds, a sense of understanding and compassion for others, and the courage to act on their beliefs. We stress the total development of each child: spiritual, moral, intellectual, social, emotional, and physical.

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To prove a conducive learning environment that will stimulate the young minds to achieve their full potential.

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The school is spacious & has well-ventilated classrooms with well-equipped computer, physics, chemistry, biology & general science laboratories.

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As we know that Sports and Games are a very important part of life. These are becoming more and more popular. In School, sports and games keep students healthy, relaxed as well as strengthen their patience and endurance.

The S.V.International School is of the opinion that children have to be active everyday. Therefore, the School has made provision of minor and major sports and games like Chess, Carrom, Badminton, Table Tennis, Kho-Kho, Volley ball, Cricket, Football, etc. Thus , these will improve the lives of children in many ways. Even the children will benefit from opportunities the sports and games can offer. These will give children the chance to :

  • to get together and have fun
  • experience success and achievement
  • keep fit and healthy
  • learn physical and technical skills
  • develop timing, balance and coordination in all walks of life
  • improve mental health
  • develop cooperation and communication skills
  • enhance motivation, organisation, leadership and interpersonal skills

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    We believe a child must prepare himself for life, not just for exams. Various art & craft, music, yoga, creative writing, public speaking & theatre are inculcated into the curriculum through the Theory of Multiple Intelligences.

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    Admission Form

    Admission Form will be available at our school's administrative office as well well as online.

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    Curriculum Updates

    The curriculum is comprehensive & balanced to help students develop cognitive & motor skills. The students shall be exposed to an extensive global information along with their own national culture, tradition & local information to make them at par with local & worldly affairs.

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